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Sharon Marquez, Plein Air Colorado Artist

Sharon’s love of the outdoors has led her to oil paint landscapes and the creatures therein. Extensive use of the technique of plein air painting has led to a naturalistic representation of the western landscape. Located in Olathe, Colorado, this artist is surrounded by one of the places that inspires her beautiful paintings. Sharon paints “plein air” landscapes, portraits and still life as often as possible. Her plein air painting is begun on-site, outdoors and taken back to the studio to touch up, or create a larger scale painting, capturing the light of nature outdoors in real time. The luminosity of the oil painting captures the light and atmosphere she is seeking to instill in her paintings.

“In whatever one does, there must be a relationship between the eyes and the heart.” Henri Cartier-Blesson

90% of Sharon’s landscape oil paintings can be pin pointed to a particular spot in place and time. Be it the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Southern Utah red rocks or the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, the oil paintings are portraits of particular landscapes. Bring the warmth of wildlife and natural landscapes into your home or office. Original oil wildlife paintings bring the spirit of the west to the lives of people and add warmth and character to your home. The spirit of the west is rendered in realistic landscapes and wildlife original oil painting.

A landscape you can identify with will bring a certain serenity and peaceful longing of another time. Plein air painting is full of life essence because it is not just visited but experienced on site and painted as Mother Nature intended. With the exquisite geography that she puts out for us everyday, we keep the image of nature alive in luminous oil paintings done “en plein air”.

When you’re considering the interior design of your home or office why settle for a print or glicee. The feeling of the actual brushstrokes and the luminosity of an original oil painting will make the difference of design quality. Original oil paintings have a timelessness and beauty of the brushstrokes in a direct reference of the artist’s intentions. Maybe a landscape reminds you of a place visited and each time you look at it, brings the emotion of having experienced the land. It is a true joy to own original works of art that speak to you and proclaim you are still a part of this Earth.

Plein Air Painting in Ridgway CO

Favorite Quote

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” -Iris Murdoch